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Branded to impress | designed to impact | developed to innovate

Your branded personality designed to perfection,
and developed with precision.

Chaya Herzog, a design & development studio fuelled by pixel-perfect precision, and sleek designs. Create your visual identity and online presence in a one-stop shop.

Experience what you want your customers to experience from you.

Business branding | Boutique service

Perele Ziegelheim

Your visual identity and online presence created here.

Tell the world who you are

Without saying a word

Inspire trust, communicate your value, and share your mission with a personality-laden logo and mission-driven branding.
Put a name and face to your business.

Become a brand that creates an impact.


Strategically designing and building your brand.
Putting a bold, beautiful, or bouyant face to your business.


Creating a smooth process that gets clients clambering to click. Let’s ensure smooth engagement, subtle entertainment, and a full client experience.


Setting the world as your stage
and your clients as the audience. Seamless functioning, smooth loading of site, and speedy
clicks – my expertise.

The sleek process


Share the motivations, inspiration, and cultivation of your business. Then I’ll analytically mine the industry, market, and audience, extracting your uniqueness and building from that.


Select your visual identity from the mood boards, logos, methods and layouts created by in-depth research and analysis. Then I’ll narrow down the options, honing into your brand attributes revealing and portraying who you really are.


Combine your branded business and awesome attributes, with today’s innovative technology. Put your business on the web. Get your visually impressive site, and user-friendly business home created with a designer’s eye and a developer’s mind.


Learn how to manage the back end before your site goes live. This allows you to update as necessary. Or, leave the techy stuff to me and allow the pro to arrange all the things you don’t want to know about.